Now fighting his last battles in his Alzheimer's-afflcited mind, a World War II master spy-catcher, his daughter, and his Vietnam veteran son confront the secrets that haunt and divide  -- and ultimately unite -- them.

     photograph  ©Susan A. Roth                                                                        

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Highly relevant to today’s returning veterans and their families, this taut drama about war, peace, and post-traumatic stress disorder moves rapidly to an exciting and surprising conclusion. A must see."      
       Marc Leepson, Arts Editor, The Vietnam Veterans         Association magazine Veteran


Review of Capital Fringe Festival Workshop Production from 
DC Theatre Scene, Washington’s Liveliest Theatre Website

July 21, 2009 by Marcia Kirtland   

“Susan Austin Roth has written a play that is so powerful it may take your breath away. From the opening scene where we see Andy Armand, superbly acted by Joe Peck, looking for his buddy’s name on ‘The Wall’, Ms. Roth lets us know that this will not be an easy play to watch. Yet from this moment we are engaged, and she does not let us loose until the final line is spoken…..The end of this play will surprise and haunt you - it is a reminder that war, any war, is hell. This play is drama at its very best.  Do yourself a favor; see this show.”      click here for the entire review  

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