"Highly relevant to today’s returning veterans and their families, this taut drama about war, peace, and post-traumatic stress disorder moves rapidly to an exciting and surprising conclusion. A must see." 
           Marc Leepson, Arts Editor, The VVA Veteran
“Wonderfully written, great characters…a very moving story.”
  Lucy McMichael, Associate to the Artistic Director, Primary Stages, NYC. Audience, Ensemble tudio Theatre reading

Audience Reviews from the Capital Fringe Festival
“A compelling, poignant story with emotional punch. Better than many Broadway plays I've seen.”
               Milton Lodge, Distinguished Professor, Stony Brook University; Audience at Ensemble Studio Theatre reading

“We enjoyed the reading tremendously. The play was lively, intriguing, educational, surprising, emotional, and I could go on and on. We had a nice discussion in the car on the way home and compared thoughts with personal insights. I've always been intrigued with the mystery of espionage.  Andy’s flashbacks really shook me out of my seat.  It's hard for anyone to understand unless "you've walked in those shoes" however, the play gave us a glimpse of what our veterans and their families have gone through.  Bravo!”
    Nitza and Matt, audience at Tri-State Actors Theatre reading
“If you have any doubts about the lifelong effects going to war has on our veterans and their families, whether it’s WWII or the Vietnam,  Iraq and Afghanistan wars, then see this thought-provoking powerful play.”
   Charlene Edwards, wife of Vietnam Veteran and author & photographer of  Voices from Vietnam
”A wonderful suspense-filled story that made me cry…and even laugh. Not to be missed.”
           Stephanie Massey, photographer, audience Ensemble Studio Theatre reading
“The play gripped the audience somewhere between the gut and the heart, and shook them like a rag doll!  My wife and I were so very impressed and we don't impress easily! The playwright got it right”   
 John Ketwig, author of And A Hard Rain Fell…a G.I.’s True Story of the War in Vietnam, audience at 
         The Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage Festival and Tri-State Actors Theater readings.

“I was totally absorbed by the dialogue, characters and substance of this play when I attended a reading in New York. No set design, lighting or music was needed to carry this work. Brava to Susan Roth for also bringing humor to an aching story.”
    Lynn Sabatelle, real estate agent, audience at Ensemble Studio Theatre

"Missing Pages missed nothing.....pulling me in.
     Missing Pages missed nothing.....keeping me there.         
          Missing Pages missed nothing.....connecting me.              
               Missing Pages missed one thing ....letting me go.
See it again?  I wouldn't miss it."
        Holley Watts, ARC-SRAO Vietnam '66-'67 DaNang, Chu Lai, An Khe, Cu Chi.   
        Audience at Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage Festival

photograph  ©Susan A. Roth 
"Saw this play at the DC Fringe – this is NOT your typical “Fringe-y” play.  Writing, staging, direction, acting all superb – better than some of what I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot) on regular “main” stages in California and in DC area.  The play addresses experiences of war (comparing the “good” war and the “shameful” war) and consequences of expectations, shame and secrecy on individuals and families; it also addresses issues of aging and health on families independently and as an entry to force the veterans and their caretakers to explore the effects of war.  All this is accomplished in a powerful and thought-provoking manner, made to feel natural and real by the script and staging, including outstanding characterization and interaction.  (Should be not only main-stage, but should also be adapted for the screen – I’d certainly go see it, and have some ideas on casting for the screen – for the main stage, though, I think it would be hard to improve on the cast that performed for the Fringe!)"
          Carol Greene, DC resident           

"Missing Pages is so far beyond good/great that words fail me! I wish you could have heard my husband Jim talking about it. He said it was as powerful as anything he’s ever seen."
          Melanie Choukas-Bradley, author & naturalist
Audience Reviews from Developmental Readings

"Missing Pages. Best thing going. DO NOT MISS THIS PLAY. Top notch writing, acting, directing. Got a standing ovation from nearly the entire audience. The whole cast was good. Lynn-Jane Foreman was excellent, and Robert Leembruggen as the old man with Alzheimer’s gave the acting performance of the fringe. Or the whole city. Best performance we have seen this year."
        Bob G on Sunday, 19th Jul 2009, from DCTheatreScene.com blog

"Wow, Missing Pages is one of the best plays I’ve seen in years — do not miss it. I was completely captivated by this poignant and suspenseful new drama from playwright Susan Roth. The play presents a vivid portrayal of how the horrors of war continue to haunt veterans and their families long after war has ended. There are strong performances from the entire cast, with Robert Leembrugen’s performance as a paranoid, Alzheimers-afflicted World War II counterintelligence agent a particular standout. As a new generation of Iraq war veterans return to civilian life, this play is particularly relevant and timely."
       Eric H. on Monday, 20th Jul 2009, from DCTheatreScene.com  blog 
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"I saw twelve shows at the Fringe, and this was surely the best. Even though the storyline is not entirely unpredictable, it takes you on the journey so masterfully that it didn’t matter a bit. Familiar themes: war is hell, children end up taking care of their parents, and holding onto secrets isn’t generally healthy. But these are stories worth repeating. As a daughter who has been in the caretaker role, I was particularly moved by Ms. Foreman’s performance — she was completely convincing as Charlotte despite having suffered a broken arm and a concussion on opening day.
     I am a regular theatre-goer, and I really hope this one gets picked up by one of the more mainstream theatres in our area for a longer run. It deserves to be seen by more audiences and in a space more fitting for the quality of the ensemble."
          Maya on Sunday, 26th July 2009, from DCTheatreScene.com blog 

Reviews from the Capital Fringe Festival
Recommended by Jane Horwitz of the Washington Post in her "Backstage" column as one of six dramas to see at the Fringe.  
click here to read her column 
July 21, 2009 by Marcia Kirtland at DCTheatreScene.com

“Susan Austin Roth has written a play that is so powerful it may take your breath away. From the opening scene where we see Andy Armand, superbly acted by Joe Peck, looking for his buddy’s name on ‘The Wall’, Ms. Roth lets us know that this will not be an easy play to watch. Yet from this moment we are engaged, and she does not let us loose until the final line is spoken…..The end of this play will surprise and haunt you - it is a reminder that war, any war, is hell. This play is drama at its very best.  Do yourself a favor; see this show.”   
click here for the entire review 
"Missing Pages is really a wonderful play, and the acting was terrific.  I saw August, Osage County in New York this spring (with Estelle Parsons); in my view, Missing Pages has at least as much emotional and more intellectual impact.  Congratulations for what I hope will continue to be a great success."
     Geri Hockfield Malandra

"I just wanted to tell you how powerful I found Missing Pages.  It touched me deeply on several levels.  The anti-war theme was beautifully drawn, as was the tragedy of Alzheimer's disease, yet neither was overdone.  It was wonderful to see a piece of theater that did not resort to hitting one over the head to get a point across -- it was done just right, and the points were made strongly as well as literately.  I certainly hope that the play will have a broader viewership, as I think it has both a strong plot and excellent writing to commend it.  Its themes are universal and important, and deserve wide dissemination. " 
        Sonia Rothchild, wife of Alzheimer's victim

"I was part of the informal “Fan Club” that came especially to see our friend Lynn-Jane perform in Missing Pages. We all expected it to be good, but we were just blown away by just how damn good this play is. Very hot stuffy “theatre” space, very bare-bones, hard seating, and besides which our friend Lynn-Jane is performing in an arm cast, having fallen & injured herself on opening night! All of that aside, all of us got completely caught up in the play, forgetting any discomfort, forgetting Lynn-Jane was wearing a cast –- the play, the production, the actors were all that good.  Brilliant –- and we’re all looking forward to seeing this cast perform again in Missing Pages, in perhaps a slightly more upscale theatre space. Kudos to everyone, cast and crew, to Susan Austin Roth & the director Diana Denley. Oh and to the folks who brought in electric fans for the actors!"
            Susie Duckworth, Graphic Designer & Illustrator